The list below includes publications and presentations to professional audiences for which Robert Bateman has created, co-authored or contributed a major part of the flashings and waterproofing details. Contact the author for availability of the listed items at

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Flashing Details

  • PowerPoint — Leak-free Exterior Details, Construction Business and Technology Conference, Santa Clara, CA, 1997
  • Paper — A Detailing Method for Improving Leakage Prevention of Exterior Wall Waterproofing, ASTM STP 1422 Performance of Exterior Building Walls, ASTM, 2003
  • Product Manual — Best Practices for Flashing Details, Owens-Corning, Cultured Stone Brochure 10001459, October 2006, (Adhered stone details incorporated into MVMA manual)
  • PowerPoint — Special Wall Configurations, RCI — So Cal, April 2006
  • PowerPoint — Organic Drafting, SGH company seminar, San Francisco, CA, 2008
  • PowerPoint — What's Around the Corner? Building Envelope Flashing, Construct 2011, Chicago, IL, CSI, September 2011
  • PowerPoint — Detailing Best Practices: Air Barriers, Moisture Control and Windows, prepared for Karl Kardel, Woodworks, Chicago, IL, March 2014
  • PowerPoint — Application of Polymeric Building Wraps, Westcon, Berkeley, CA, November 2014
  • PowerPoint — Hand Drawing Details for BT (building technology), SGH company seminar, San Francisco, CA, September 27, 2015

Stucco Flashing

  • Paper — Casing the Joint: Cutting Corners with Stucco Trim ≠ Waterproof Flashing, Journal of Forensic Engineering, ASCE, 2012
  • PowerPoint — Casing the Joint, ASCE 6th Forensic Engineering Congress, San Francisco, CA, November 2012
  • Paper — Weeping Stucco Buckets, Forensic Engineering 2015: Performance of the Built Environment, ASCE, 2015
  • PowerPoint — Weeping Stucco Buckets, 7th Forensic Engineering Congress, ASCE, Miami, FL, November 2015
  • Standard (excerpt) — Appendix X2 Stucco Details, ASTM E2266-11 Standard Guide for the Design and Construction of Low-Rise Frame Building Wall Systems to Resist Water Intrusion, ASTM, 2011
  • Standard —  NAAMM ELMA 920-09, Guide Specifications for Metal Lathing and Furring, NAAMM, 2010

Window/Door Flashing

  • Standard — CAWM 400-95 Standard Practice for Installation of Windows with Integral Mounting Flange, CAWM, 1995 ( superseded by AAMA 2400-00)
  • Standard — CAWM 410-97 Standard Practice for Installation of Sliding Glass Doors with Integral Mounting Flange in Wood-Frame Construction, CAWM, 1997
  • Standard — ASTM E2112 Standard Practice for Installation of Exterior Windows, Doors and Skylights, ASTM, 2001, 2007, 2016 editions
  • PowerPoint — Sill Pan Flashings What/Why/Who/When/Where/How?, Build Boston, 2006 (ASTM E2112-07 preview)
  • PowerPoint — Window Flashing Basics, SGH company seminar, September 2006
  • PowerPoint — Recessed Window Flashing, SGH company seminar, September 2006
  • PowerPoint — Sill Pan Flashing for Block-Frame Windows in Recessed Concrete Openings, RCI, Atlanta, GA, October 2006
  • Paper — Sill Pan Flashing for Block-Frame Windows in Recessed Concrete Openings, Journal of ASTM International, Vol. 5 No.3, ASTM, 2008
  • PowerPoint — A Flash in the Pan, RCI Symposium, Atlanta, GA, RCI, October 2008
  • Paper — A Flash in the Pan — A Field Guide for Windows and Doors, Interface Journal Vol. 28 No. 4, RCI, April 2010
  • Workshop — Hidden Details Make all the Difference: Flashing Windows in Historic Structures, California Preservation Foundation, Anaheim, CA, 2013
  • PowerPoint — Historic Windows: Relative Merits of Replacement, California Preservation Foundation, Anaheim, CA 2013

Sheet Metal Flashing

  • PowerPoint — Flashings, Part A, Stucco as a Weather Protection System, Westcon, November 2006 (repeated for So Cal RCI, Anaheim, CA, 2007)
  • Seminar Workbook — Supplemental Details for Sheet Metal Wall Flashing Details, Berkeley, CA,  Westcon, November 2010
  • Paper — Panorama: Nomenclature and Classification of Architectural Sill Pan Flashings, Interface Journal, Vol. 32 No. 8, RCI, September 2014

Self-Adhering Flashing (SAF)

  • Paper — Designing and Specifying Self-Adhering Flashings for the Window-Wall Interface, Journal of  ASTM International, Vol. 2 Issue 10, November/December 2005
  • PowerPoint — Designing and Specifying Self-Adhering Flashings for the Window-Wall Interface, BETEC Spring Symposium, Atlanta, GA, June 2004
  • Product Manual — Flashing Tapes Manual, 1st, 2nd & 3rd editions, Berry Plastics Corp., 2012 (Polyken flashing tapes)