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Robert Bateman


“There are three classes of people:  those who see, those who see when they are shown, those who do not see.”
    — Leonard da Vinci, 1452–1519

“The study and practice of freehand drawing [detailing] gives accuracy to the eye and refines perceptive faculties….This habit of observation, is one of the beneficial results of mental training, and no instruction is so likely to induce it as drawing; for a man who accustoms himself to draw from objects, will, in the old-fashioned words, ‘walk through the world with his eyes open,’ and every day, nay, every hour, will add to his stock of information, and his power of delineating the objects he sees.”
    — Ellis A Davidson, 1870, Drawing for Carpenters and Joiners
        Cassell & Co., Ltd., London, England

“Installation and flashing of windows is something I rarely see done well here. There’s a 220- page book written by an architect [Robert Bateman] just on installing windows and doors. I’ve handed out over 1000 copies of [the] details for installing windows/doors in wood framed structures over the years.”
    — Brian A. MacNeish, Canada 5/10/2008

“Try a Google search on "Stucco Wall Caps" and be prepared to review lots of conflicting advice. Robert Bateman is a San Francisco Bay–based architect that has been involved with waterproofing detailing for his entire career. Here is an exhaustive, 242 pages of discussion and details for truly waterproof construction of Stucco walls.”
    —, 2015


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